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Day 43 Sunday October 7

Big Sur, CA Andrew Something-or-other State Park

This morning I notice a good bit of oil underneath my bike, and splattered around the front sprocket area. I pull off the countershaft cover, and I see the blue tie down strap that got ripped off back in Nevada. Its wrapped tightly around the shaft, behind the sprocket. I pull that off, and it was a good 2 and a half foot length that had got wrapped up in there. Probably not good. Hope that didnt have anything to do with the oil that my bike is now leaking.

I rode south, and hit California 130C. That is a gooooooooood road. Paved, but gooooooooood.

like this for 80+ miles

almost stepped on this guy getting that shot.

lots of trees in the way, but you get the idea, this is a tight road

At the top there are a bunch of telescopes, I guess its an observatory or something. On the other side, the road is still like this.

except on the way down you are on the San Juan side, and there are odles of bicyclists all over the road, so that lowers the speed a little bit.

From San Juan I worked my way over to highway 1, the pacific coast highway. I had some Cambodian food for the first time, but it was cooked by a white guy in restaurant that looked like it mighta been a chain, and it was very underwhelming.

Stopped at a Home Depot and got a big sheet of material to make a ground cloth out of for $3.

The pacific coast highway was pretty nice, very scenic for the parts that it is actually along the coast.

I stopped at Andrew XXXXXX State Park (i need a better memory), and got a campsite. It was a fairly nice camp ground, but I had to haul all my gear (100lbs +) 1/3 of a mile to the site, and leave my poor bike all alone.

made it to that left ocean.

And got to see the sun set over the ocean. Cant see that from my side of the country.

On the sandy hill to the right of that last photo this girl kept walking up to the top and doing summersaults down the hill. Looked kinda fun, but I bet she got really sandy.

Snow and sand a day and a couple hundred miles apart.

Saw a bunch of deer on my way back to camp from the ocean. I'll have to be more careful and keep an eye out for them on the road.
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