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Day 44 Monday October 8

Lompoc, CA

I hauled all my heavy gear back out to the bike in the morning, not a lot of fun.

I rode down the PCH again. I tried to find a library to use the internet, but everything in a 100 mile radius at least was closed... no, not for Columbus Day, they were all closed for a computer upgrade. And a bunch of the libraries were just not open Mondays ever... whats up with that???

A nice sight to start the day off.

I stopped for breakfast at a little cafe off the side of the highway. I shoulda checked the prices before I ordered. 3 blueberry pancakes and a coffee ended up costing $16, no hash browns, no eggs, no toast, just the pancakes and a cup of coffee. Ouch.

A little down the road I saw this.

I guess seals just like hangin out at the beach, no wonder they were almost hunted to extinction. It couldnt have been that hard to run down there and bop a few of 'em on the head.

I ended up in Lompoc, CA for the night.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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