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Day 45 Tuesday October 9

Carpenteria, CA

Actually now that I look back on it, I'm not sure if the seals were today or yesterday.

First thing today I went to the bike shop to see if they had some parts that I needed and to get some more oil (since my bike was leaking I had used up so much oil that I needed more).

They gave me the number of a shop in Escondido to get some work done to the beast, and I ordered $650 worth of parts.

I hit the road, saw a sign for a closed road near Refugio Beach. Closed, eh, sounds like a challenge. It wasnt. When I go to the top of the mountain the road wasnt closed, it just wasnt maintained any longer by the state, still in decent shape (decent for an xr, dont try it on a goldwing). But at the top of the mountain I had this view.

it looked much different with my actual eyes. It seemed like the sea was above the mountains, kind of disorienting.

I changed my oil near the top of the mountain and rode down.

In Santa Barbara I found an internet cafe. Awesome!!! I didnt know we had those in the US. I spent a couple hours here, and thats really what got me mostly caught up to date. Just a couple days ago I was 30 days behind in my posts.
My Ride to Souff Uh Merika... interupted
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