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IMS Tank

Out riding with my step-son as he just got into riding his first motorcycle!

We where riding these thickets and he went down, so I park my bike.
More photos from that ride.

After helping Anthony get his bike up out of the bushes (i should have taken a photo of that one!) I went back to start my bike and in the soft dirt, fell over! (yes, it's a kick starter) Comedy for about 3-seconds as I looked at the bike and gas was going everywhere! I was afraid it was going to burst into flames and I would have to start the BobbyRicky dance! "Baby Jesus help me!" After my own little dance.. we laid the bike over on the side that was not leaking gas and removed the tank and did the field service repair with a tarp folded under the tank to help block the leaking. Yea, for some reason I carry a small tarp. Note to self: add plastic-weld repair kit, duct tape, electrica tape and even stickers to the backpack.

Small crack in the tank was allowing the gas to escape.
I think what has happened, due to the tank/bike sitting out in the sun [during it's dark time by the previous owner] the plastic tank has gotten brittle. Not IMS falt. I will try to fix it.

Went to Lowes and got this plastic welding stuff.

It's suppose to get about 195 degree's of heat on it to cure. I think my plastic tank is liable to melt at that point? Not sure... So a few days of the ol'light on it might work. We will see. My lazy butt needs to trot back down to Lowes and get a mini-torch.

OK, so time to repair the gas tank from the ol'trusty Honda XR400!
Conclusion: Even after getting a torch to temp the plastic repair material, it still will not seal the take! I guess it's time to bite the bullet and buy a new tank. The bike deserves it anyhow!

Nice fresh natural white IMS 4.7gallon tank - ready to serve!!!

DirtDawg is back in service!!!

While the 440 kit in the lungs is a big performance item, I feel this SCOTT Steering dampener is a must. I love it! It's my first bike with a dampener so I am rather excited about this item as it came with the bike when I purchased it.
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