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Originally Posted by funklab
You got snow in Colorado in the middle of June????

I was up over 12000 feet in late september and got rain instead of snow. Some guys have all the luck .

UPS is a piece of shit. They gave me a wrong adress to ship a package too, so that I could pick it up. But that didnt matter, because they lost the package anyway, before it made it... Well they say that they should be able to find it on monday... probably... UPS sucks.

Picked up a bunch of parts in Escondido, CA today, getting some work done on monday, and then hitting the border ASAP. Gotta find a nice small town to cross the border at. Any suggestions???


Cross at Tecate... about 65 or so miles, depending on routing.

Great trip from a fellow Tarheelian!
When you get back in the area, lemme know, I;ll buy you a beer or 12
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