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Originally Posted by jimmydeanh
Awesome trip! I like how your on an older bike and not the vanity GS or KTMs. Enjoy the ride
I would have liked to do this trip on a nicer bike, except for two things.

A GS would cost so much that I'd have to come back 6 months earlier.

I couldn't justify taking a bike solo on a trip like this if I wasn't prepared to leave it and walk away if something really bad happens. I can accept losing an 11 year old bike with a lot of miles on it... wouldn't be so easy with a $12,000 bike that was brand new.

I am still in Escondido waiting for monday so I can take the beast to a shop and get some work done. Then I gotta pick up a package in San Diego (if UPS can ever find it) and then its Mexico time! I wish I could cross sooner, being so close to the border and having to wait is making me paranoid, I keep thinking that it might be a little crazy to be doing this trip on my own. If I'd gotten the work done in San Fransisco or Vegas and then just ran down and crossed the border without thinking about it, I'd be much less aprehensive. Or maybe its just bothering me being stuck in the same place for several days.

Motion is medicine.

I gotta get back on the road.
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