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Originally Posted by Minimike
You would be surprised how much on your list I do have.

We have Camel Backs & some camel back parts, tire patch kits, CO2 & CO2 inflators, Slime Air Compressors, bungee cords, battery tender, Cruz Tools, LED Flashlites. cheap rain suits & rubber over boots, cheap water proof bag liners (can use as beer cooler in emergency), water proof pouches, some Tech Mounts & Powerlet stuff, sunglasses & clear glasses, a few googles, some water proof Teknic boots, (may add Oxtar soon), gel seat pads, Wolfman & Marsee soft luggage, 30 feet of Olympia Moto Sport Clothing (Men's & Women's), ZR1 Helmets, tiedown straps & tiedown extensions, locks & cables, water proof summer & winter gloves, vented gloves, & glove liners, and to top it off we have ADV Rider t-shirts & stickers!.

Most importantly, we have a clean rest room! The rest room even has some cold medicine & aspirin in the cabinet.

Waiting on the FrogTog rep to come around to sign me up.

The new line of First Gear under gear is on order & will be here soon! Not that we've needed it yet, it's been really warm for October.

Had a couple guys from Canada in this morning. One of them was on a really neat little Honda 125R. He said it was aropund $4000 Canadian out the door. This thing is tiny! It must be a riot on the dragon.
yep. I thought you probably did but I didn't see that in your pics.

I worked as a business start-up consultant for some time and it was amazing to me to see how many people will open a store underfunded so it ends up looking more like a yardsale (you know, folding tables, posters, and maybe one clothing waterfall stuck in tecenter of the room) till they get vendor accounts and some cash flow going.

the thing that amazes me even more is the guy who opens a store with no clue of what their core customers' needs, wants, or attitudes are. congratulation, looks like you got that part down. I'll be swinging by sometime soon...

"having dreams to look forward to slows time..."

-- Freeflow

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