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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
There are fewer and fewer of these bikes around. There was just an auction on eBay with one complete bike that had been modified to high exhaust and he had a parts bike that would probably never roll again. That's two fewer bikes in this world.

Very, very rare beasts indeed. Looking forward to getting the serial number from yours and seeing more pics.

Well, it's my turn to add to the list. I have 2 to add to the list. Yes 2, but one needs some TLC. They are both 97's but one is titled as a 98 and the other as a 2000.


serial #- 8575
engine#- 4593

This is the parts bike and was never titled until 2000. This supposedly is Jimmy Lewis' old bike. It has the high exhaust and a non-cush hub. I don't have any of the low exhaust parts for it. The motor has a bad crank bearing. It has a number 2 best in desert sticker on it and #065 race number.


serial#- 8791

This bike has 6300 miles on it and is all original except for the high exhaust. The PO cut a piece of the left sub frame that supports the low exhaust. It was a clean cut and I have the piece. I have all the parts for the low exhaust. The only weird thing is that the original owner cut and capped the midpipe where it splits to the left and right side. So it can be a low exhaust on the right side only, I can find a spare midpipe.

The plan is to rebuild the motor and take the best parts from both bikes and put it on the clean bike. Then I will build the other one back up and sell it. At least that's the plan for now. It is nice to have an Adventure again. I always loved the orange of the 97 and 98's.

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