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Noobs and Thumpers Rule

Thanks for showing up and joining the fun. Pleasure to ride with familiar faces and glad meeting new ones.

Russel - KLR 650
John (Crazy John) - KLR 650
Chris - (artboy) DS400
Mike (nowwhat) -KTM 950SE
Mike (doghouse) - KLX 650
Jamin - NX 250
Was a beautiful day, mid 70s, clear sky, no santa ana, and lots of dirt and canyon riding. I put on 100 miles (50 miles of canyon and 35 miles of dirt).

Everyone was on time, waited for Sito till 8:30 but no show. We didn't have a trail leader, so Chris stepped up to the plate, except at the end of the ride. The 950SE was the only big dirt bike, and thumpers everywhere. Oni - you would be the king of the thumpers if you were there. My 640A performed flawless, great bike, just a little too much for me, but that leaves a room for me to grow into. I put a few scratches on the cherry factory paint when I dropped it on the way down the single track, very steep and tight switchbacks.

We went up on Texas Canyon Trail to Fall Canyon, then to Sierra Pelona up to Rowher Trail. Those trails are pretty mild and scenic. On the way down, we plan to look for Posovato, but we ended up by mistake taking the single track which turned out to be a real adventure. It was very tough and tight, but at the end, we're all glad we did it. Can't be a noobie forever, right!

Learned today 1) never top off my gas tank if I don't plan to use all the gas. It's heavily laden and more difficult to ride, and picking up too 2) wear the proper boots, no street ridin boots, my left foot got wedge between the motor and a rock, that thing hurts, my first thought was "pointman" 3) easier to control and turn the bike when standing on the pegs 4) never follow crazy john, he's just as bad as sito (noobie annihilator).

Overall, it was a great ride! Thanks to all and to this website for bringing us all wannabe adventurer together.
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