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So here's the standard layout.

General Layout: These sites consist of several general elements: Command Building: Two stories 40 feet in diameter. Access was by stairs and through two blast proof doors. Approximately 2,363 square feet of floor space not including stairway or vestibule. Due to the insulation of the earth, heating and cooling needs were minimal.
Missile Silo: The missile silo was a huge structure 50 feet in diameter and approximately 185 feet deep. Access was from a 40 foot tunnel leading from the command building stairway. Missile silo had an approximate volume of 363,062 cubic feet.
Land: Land typically was 19-21 acres. Originally, the inner 5 acres of these sites were surrounded by a barbed wire topped chain link fence.

The Missle: Standing on the launch pad the Atlas was 82 feet tall and weighed 267,000 pounds when fueled. Depending on the model and payload, the missile had a range of 6,400 to 9,400 miles. It was armed with a l-megaton thermonuclear warhead and was guided to its target by either a radio-inertial or all-inertial guidance system accurate to within 1.5 miles.

For pictures I would goto this link:

As a result of Defense Secretary McNamara's 1964 directive to decommission Atlas and Titan I missile squadrons, the Atlas F missiles were removed and the 556th Strategic Missile Squadron was deactivated on ate Month="6" Day="25" Year="1965">June 25, 1965ate>. The Atlas and Titan I systems needed to be fueled outside the launch silo. Things changed with the introduction of the US Titan II and the Soviet UR-100 missile series. Both used new liquid fuels that could be stored in the missiles, thereby allowing for a more rapid launch. These were later supersceded by the Minuteman, a solid fuel rocket.

So basically, they spend $18 million (1960 dollars) in two years.
Put a missile in this fortress between 1962 and 1964, and then leave the silo behind. Sweet.... right?

These Silo Doors are about 25 tons each if my memory serves me correctly.
When activated, the doors could be opened in 28 seconds.

The metal roof and railings are there to stop things like rain and people from falling 185 feet into a pit full of rusted metal and who knows what else.

Very cool so far...

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