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The first thing you notice as you enter the chamber is the center pillar.
Remember that this "room" is actually a 40ft diameter steel reinforced cylinder burried about 100 feet underground. It consists of two "rings" that "hang" from air assited shock absorbers. The two levels are in the same "space" hanging there from big chains and airshocks. It's a big room, and you have no idea that you are so far underground.

Also notice that all the lighting fixtures in the ceiling are hanging from big springs.

Here's the cental pillar that goes from the ground floor in Level 2 through the floor, and to the ceiling of Level 1.

Here you can see the curved wall and one of the four suspension units.

Currently Level 1 is an office and Living room with multiple monitors. There is also a bathroom, kitchen and storage area.

Alexander has quite a few historical pictures of the site as well. When he bought the silo nearly 10 years ago, many of the original fixtures were still there. He has kept most of them and made them into cabinets or furniture. I was facinated, and amazed to be there. I mean really.

Alex told us the story behind all the clocks. He once arrived here from his ultra-long flight from Australia. 30 some odd hours of travleling, plus the drive to the remote location of his silo. He went to sleep. When he awoke, he had no idea what time it was or how long had passed. He was completely disoriented with the combination of the jet-lag and the underground location. He went "up top" only to find it was the middle of the night. The next morning he went and bought a whole bunch of clocks.

So when on Level 1, if you look in the ceiling you see this.

It's the emergency escape hatch.
Remember the center pillar, well if you pull the handle there, this door pops open, and emptys itself of four tons of sand. Once the sand drains, you would climb up the ladder into...???

Pretty cool huh?

On to Level 2 of the LCC.

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