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Originally Posted by Mack
Did you get this through KTM, or Touratech? I'd like your opinions when you get it all set up. I'm 50/50 on my Zega's, but the left one is almost two inches farther out then I feel it should be, and the right side is 3/4 to an 1" farther out, not to mention the setup really should be two 35L, IMHO, rather then the 41L on the right hand side. If I had known I would have ditched my R/H 41L for a 35L. When you add all the above together it's almost an extra 6 inches of width. But for solo tours, security, and rainy days, I think they will be worth it. Though, I will be using a soft bag setup like RapidTwins on the more technical trips, I find I pack way too much in the Zegas for this kind of riding, and the Katoom doesn't like it. Cheers, Mack
i love my touratech/ktm cases. mine are the factory ones. yes they are wide and can be a pain when getting on and off the bike. in traffic they give you way more presence and are not wide enough to cause issues lane splitting. all in all two thumbs up

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