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I think the best we can hope for and something that will cost BMW minimal money is a software defeat of the EWS all together. Owners should have the choice of fixing the ring or defeating the whole system through the computer interface when/if the ring fails. I am sure it would be a cheaper fix to just get a software update and eliminate this all together than to remove the upper triple tree and drill the damned thing off so another questionable ring can be put in its place. I for one do not like the thought of disasembling the top end of my bike just for this security feature. I would be more than happy to sign any paperwork required to turn this theft prevention feature off and take my risks with my bike being stolen. I would even do this proactively just to eliminate the risk of being stranded. I can deal with the FD issue. I feel confident I can monitor that. But the random nature of the EWS failure has got me concerned. The thought of my HP2 sitting at some random hotel lot or gas station fully loaded while I try and find someone to haul it to a dealer sickens me. I truley love this bike. Turning this EWS bullshit off would make life with it less stressfull. ;-)
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