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Loaded, For the record I do like the Zega case, they are nice kit. But, IMHO for the price, I feel the damn things should be perfect. How much of a gap do you have between the inside of the left rack, and the bikes plastic side panel?

Do your pannier racks have the mounts on the ID of the hoops, for the quick release mounts of the "950" plastic saddle bags? (I ask as I suspect KTM/TT may have moved out the this style of rack to keep the plastic cases further from the exhaust.) I know that the size of the KTM OEM Supertrap silencer, and it's "black rubber spacers" push the rear L/H plastic out a bit relative to my SXC silencer. But the two inch gap between the inside of the rack, and the plastic is absurd to me. When you add up all the dimesions in total listed in my previous post, I'm pushing so much more through the air then I feel I need to be. I would expect it's actually effecting my top end and mileage a touch. It's going to take a lot of cutting and welding to get things moved in, but eventually........ Cheers, Mack
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