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My travel notebook has this entry: "6/26/07 5:33 PM 3.7 gal 57,295 Madison Shell Bound for Orcas Island"

And I was on my RS. I had been debating with myself and a few buddies about which bike to take. The problem, as we saw it, was "getting to the fight ready to fight." From Madison to the Casier was FAR. If I took the GS- well, the GS was (is) a pig compared to the RS. In the end the GS wasn't an option because I couldn't get it started. I have no regrets for taking the RS. Actually I'm super glad I took the RS. It's absolutely amazing on the roads, and it handled the gravel and mud of the Casier and the Alcan and the Haul Road just fine.

Back to the pictures and the travel notebook:

"8:00 PM-8:20 PM 3.6 gal 57,447 Dodine MN. Suzy Q, coke, water, put on goretix cut it looks like rain!"
"9:30 Rochester, MN 1.8 gal 57,507 miles. Holy FUCK the sky is ominous. And I just rode through a BAD IDEA. I've beenhere at a Quick Trip maybe 20 minutes. I'm shoving off. But the lightning is scary."
"10:44 pm. Albert Lee 1.1 gal @$3.36 next stop: Sioux Falls, 175 miles from here."
"1:30 Am 30 miles east of Sioux Falls. Tired. Luverne, MN.
"6/27/07 7:25 AM Departing to West. 57,712 3.5 gal @ $11.52"
there are a bunch of boring entries, notes about various cokes and snickers I bought to sustain myself, then- "5:08 PM Sheridan, WY 58,339 2.3 gal @ 7.56 1042 total (odometer) 1026 total (GPS) 1013 from here per GPS." And next to me on a brand-new 1200RT- this guy pulled up. So I said to him- Hey Mister, do you know anything about the Iron Butt Club?" "Sure," he said. "Those guys are nuts," he said. "I just rode 1000 miles in 24 hours," I said. So he signed my log, gave me his name and number and stuff. Then I rode up to the airport and got one of the guys who works there to sign my log. He looked at me like I was NUTS. But I haven't submitted that ride to the IBA because after riding all the way to Alaska, riding 1000 miles in 24 hours just seems kind of... amateurish.

After hitting that milestone I was tired and I started to slow down.
"7:10 PM Little Bighorn Nat'l Cemetary 58,417 8:03 leaving Little Bighorn. Custer was small. I liked the horse cemetary."
more entries, then, "11:20 PM Livingston Montana 58,600 1304 on the trip 3.13 gal @ 7.66 almost (just missed) 2 mule deer- first a velvet buck walking slowly toward a doe, the, 20 mi later, a panicked doe, FUCK!"
"2:00 AM Butte, Montanta. TIRED, But... 1000 Odometer Miles! IRON!" But I guess I was too tired to have recorded the mileage- but my memory says I'd ridden 1000 miles since I got up that morning.
"6/28/07 8:55 AM Cantral. Overslept. Departing w/2.3 gal @ $7.33"
later, "1:00 PM Cor d'Alene, Idaho in 4 hours 292 mi."
and later... "5:28 PM 59,315." This was 2020 odometer miles in 48 hours. I was in the parking lot of the Sunset Elementary School , Bellevue, WA. Two women signed my log book. I'd just done 2020 odometer miles in 48 hours! (But after double-checking, it didn't add up to 2000 real miles, so no Extra-iron butt for me. It was hard, but not close enough for a cigar.)
"7:20 PM Seattle 59,369 traffic Jam on I5 headed to Hwy 20 between Arlington and North Marysville."

After riding 2000 miles through the American West it totally sucked to be in a traffic jam.

There were times in the mountains when I was laughing inside my helmet. I felt like the entire US Interstate Highway System was my personal playground. And there was no way I would have felt that way if I'd been on my GS. I sat in traffic and thought- holy shit, I just rode 2000 miles and it was AWESOME!

"8:20 PM FERRY TERMINAL Anacortes, WA."
I am Charlie.
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