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Orcas Island to Vancouver

Basically the wedding on Orcas was a three-day drunk. I won't bore anybody with the "wedding pictures," except for this one of the moon and then only because it was so unlikely. What happened was, one of Chuck's old girlfriends came to the party with a guy and his yacht, and after the party we partied on the yacht, and then there was a moon and I was drunk and so was everybody else so they said, "take a picture of the moon," and I did.

If you're ever in the area, spend some time at Doe Bay, Orcas Island.

When it finally came time to leave, after the wedding, I was kind of melancholy. I was looking forward to the ride, but it was hard to leave old friends.

But before I could go, I needed to make one more stop. I'd heard of Reuben from far, far away. I needed new tires. I didn't really want to go anywhere. I still had a hangover. So I stopped to visit Reuben.

"5:47 PM Anacortes New Tires & oil. 59,569. Off to Alaska."

I don't know exactly what Rubien did but it was like magic. Before, when I would start the motor, it would go "tick-tick-tick" for a few seconds. "The torques aren't right. This is real mechanic's work. Nobody wants to do it. You have to get the torques right," he said. Pretty soon I had a wrench and I was getting the torques wrong and he was yelling at me. "NO! What the fuck kind of pansy are you?! I said ONE CLICK! You went TWO!" and then he'd mutter stuff, pansy gay boy wants to be a rider gonna fuckin' get himself KILLED then, "GET OUT!" then "What the fuck are you going to help me or not?!" and when he was done with me and my bike I felt like we could go anywhere. Last thing he said: "Now listen to me boy. Those tires are sticky but right now they're new so you be careful for a while until they get sticky or you gonna get yourself killed." After, as I was leaving, some guy came in on a brand-new RT that he'd laid down or something. This RT guy was mad because Rubien was telling him it was going to be a couple of weeks before he could get to it. So the RT guy started to get mad and say things like Yeah but you took care of THAT guy right away! with one of those whine-y voices, and I heard Rubien said, "He's a rider," just to shut the RT guy up, and I almost start to ... you know how it is. I won't say. That sure was a nice compliment but not the kind I can handle in public.

Next thing: CANADA!

Crossing the border was a total pain. They took me inside, asked me tons of questions, counted my money, took my bike apart- and then complained that it was "complicated." I don't know what they were looking for but all I had was bike stuff. They totally gave me a hard time and I was almost ready to tell them to fuck themselves and Canada and that I'd just take the ferry to Alaska. Eventually they let me go but they still kept looking at me like I was a terrorist or something. And they kept asking me what I planned to do if I saw a bear. WTF?
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