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"59,666/2370 6:48 AM Vancouver. Looks like rain. I'm kind of freaked out now. Long distances ahead. Will I have enough gas? Can I get to Fairbanks in 3 days?"
"10:51 AM Hope, BC 59,753/2557 8.9l @C$10.41"

"2:24 PM 59,891/2595 lost my camel back in Hope."

Darn it. No camel back. Not only that, but when I stopped when I realized I'd lost my camel back, I dropped the bike. ouch. I put a nice gouge in the side of the fairing, broke the plastic cover on the cylinder head- it was a day when I probably shouldn't have been riding at all. I was scared- the way I've been scared a few time right before a deep and cold dive. But there were still people around and it wasn't THAT wild so I really had nothing to worry about, except huge trucks, deep ravines, snow-capped mountains that made me wonder if it might snow? Ach- just stupid worries.

So I stopped for cherries at a fruit stand. I was surprised that it was like a desert. I guess it's some kind of rain-shadow area.

"7:16 pm 60,185/2889 Prince George. 519 miles today. Blah. Lost my camel-back. Dropped the bike 50 miles later. Rode slow. Didn't get anywhere."

That night, in Prince George, I started to feel better. I went to a walmart and bought some goop. I had some in my tool kit but it was burried somewhere and I didn't feel like digging it out. Goop was like $1.50 or something. I put some tape on the broken cover and then filled it with goop. Good quick-fix. I also got a 2.5 gallon gas can.

Then I cruised the main drag looking for a hotel. One had three sport-bikes- wait a sec, I thought. What the heck? I thought. Two sport-bikes and something out of Mad Max. Cool. So I checked in.

In my hotel room I put teflon tape around the threads of the gas can, and I covered the vent hole- already lined with teflon tape- with duct tape. I didn't want any leaks at all, and everyone knows that the machining on plastic gastank nozzles isn't like the machining on a BMW motorcycle. But if you add teflon tape, then it's equal.

The next morning I met Dave, Siggy, and Scott. It went like this: "What the heck is that?" "That's mine," Siggy said. "What is it?" "I built it out of spare parts," Siggy said. A little while later we wer having breakfast and talking routes. I said I was going up the Al-Can. Dave said he had a better way. He pulled out his map and then started to argue with Scott about how much better their way would be. They were going to Fairbanks and they were totally excited. They were arguing even though they were agreeing. "See these towns? Each one has gas," Scott said. "Are you sure?" I said. "Of course," Dave said. Siggy showed me his aux-bottles, spun aluminum bolted to the sides of his- whatever it was.

"9:54 Am 60,196 Heading WEST."
"11:38 AM Fraser Lake 60,300/3004 8.06l @ $10.31"
"1:16 PM Houston, BC. 8.3l @ $10.65 60,399/3104"
"Kitsegueda, BS 3:17 PM 9.33l @ $11.28 60519/3219 mi"
"7:35 PM 11l plus 2.1 gal reserve strapped to the back 60,682/3386 Belle II, BC 3x bear so far! (i big one, 1 running across the road, 1 medium one eating at the side!)"
"9:10 PM 60,842/3547 NO GAS. That last was EPIC MUD. RAIN. SNOW. VERY NUTS."

I am Charlie.
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