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Cassier to Whitehorse

"Thursday- slept in a house last night. this morning- 7:21 AM- 13.45l @ $18.99"
"12:30 PM Watson Creek, Yukon 61013/3717 12.48l @ $16.21"

Between the town that I don't know and the end of the Cassier we had our first close call.

We'd cleared the mud and we were on an uphill paved but rolling from frost heaves. We took a sharp right, almost like a switch-back, and frost heaves were in exactly the wrong place. Scott went wide to the outside. I pushed and tried to stay in but the bike went up one of the frost heaves and kind of un-weighted and I couldn't hold the turn. Dave was right on my wheel- we usually rode with some space but suddenly he was there- and he went wide. I missed going off the road by maybe 6 inches and that last six almost killed me. Dave said he missed by 4. Siggy- Siggy had held the inside and didn't even notice. We were only going maybe 30 but if we'd lost the road, we'd have been fucked.

The day before, in the truck stop on the corner, someone said that they'd noticed a sign, "NOW LEAVING 911 SERVICE AREA." I told them about my EPIRB and showed them how to use it. Good idea, everyone said.

I am Charlie.
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