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Turning Home

"Sun 7/8/07 62,242/4942 11:31 AM Departing from camp in Wiseman/Coldfoot AK. Bound for home.
"62,332/5036 2:00 PM Finger Mountain. Added rain-suit, jacket. It's probably going to rain. Good riding. Moose! 42 miles to Yukon."

In Wiseman it had been close to 80 degrees. Between Fairbanks and
Wiseman the temps had varied from 40 to 80.

"3:20 PM 62,377/5081 Yukon. Got a little tired there... but not as bad as last time! 3.4 gal @ $12.65"

This is where I met two other lunatics. In the restaurant we shared a cup of coffee. They asked if I wanted to ride with them. I told them I was going slow. They were really energetic- still feeling the adrenaline from having made it to Deadhorse. They looked at my bike. I looked at theirs. We took a group picture with the Gophers I'd seen way back in Canada. (Sorry but I lost the original, accidentally copied over it. Oops.)

After a little while I took off, still heading south. A little while later, these guys passed me. I had to take a little break. I can't remember who took my photo.

Then I caught them again.

This bike had to spend a night in the woods. The rim was toast. The tire was junk. They took it to a turn-off, hid the valuables in the woods, and rode two-up the rest of the way out. Eventually they were able to get a truck and get back up there to fix the bike- with a tube. And then- lunatics proper- they rode the rest of the way to Texas with a tube and a bent rim! I'm glad I'm not them! And the moral to this part of Orcas to Alaska: if you're on a street bike, RIDE SLOW. Anyway- you get to see more than if you're bombing 85mph.

As for trying to fix this flat- first plugs, then off-with-the-tire, then getting the tire back on the rim... almost impossible, and it involved explosions and grease. Then, once the bead was set- the hole leaked. We all said FUCK!

I am Charlie.

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