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Originally Posted by randomlogic
Should have used this thread instead of starting my own.

A few questions in regards to the adjusting the valves:

1. Is the intake valve the one nearest to the carbs and exhaust nearest to exhaust pipe or vice versa? Not the one, but the two. $ valves here. But yes intake twords the card. Exhaust twords the header.

2. When doing the adjustment is it better to be in the lower range 0.08mm or higher ranger range of 0.13 for intake valve.Or should it just be in the middle around 0.10mm? I set my valves on the tight side .08. Others might disagree. I have been adjusting valves on cars and trucks for years now. That is the way I have always done it and it works for me.

3. I am slightly confused when in my search when the piston is in compression stroke? (searching for some other guides sort of confused me) Should I just assume when I see the "T" on the magneto rotor as described in the service guide it is ok then? Ok this is easy. Remove the valve covers first. Once you have the T lined up grad the rocker arms and try to wiggle them. You should be able to wiggle both of them a slight amount. If you cant, turn the engine over 360, 540 Deg back to the T and try again. Once both rocker arms are loosethe T is lined up you are ready to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated for this newby.
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