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The most important "caution" here that I want to reitterate that some people wont understand is about that "TDC" line up in that little sight hole.
On a single cylinder engine that mark will pass the window 2 times.
Once on the compression stroke and once on the intake stroke that draws in your air/fuel mixture.
If you remove the crankshaft plate and use the socket method to turn the engine over, you can tell you're on TDC of the compression stroke by putting a finger into a spark plug hole (only remove 1 spark plug) and feeling for escaping air.
"caution" #2 only use anti-seize designed for use on aluminum or you can damage those allow threads anyway.
"caution" #3 it's better to have your specs on the loose side (still within spec though) than too tight.
Too tight and the valves wont properly seat against the heads and you'll "burn" the valves because they need that contact with the head to dissipate heat.
GREAT JOB! for the time you took to make this information available to the Noobies though! I hate seeing dealerships getting rich for such a simple procedure.
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