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Originally Posted by Mack
RallyKay, Very nice, that's has to be a lot of fun. (Big Pics, for a Big Bike. ) We might just have to start a Rallye thread, with your bike and Cat0020's, It would be neat to see some detail pics of the bikes from different angles. I'd sure like to get "under the hood" so to speak, mind if I come over and disassemble yours, just so I can see what makes it tick.

Have you figured out all the functions of the IMO300R? Those are pretty nice kit. I thought those 660 Rallye already had a pretty strong camshaft profile in them? Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the ADVrider asylum. Cheers, Mack
I guess that i have them figured out. How many of them that i actually use is another story... One thing that i don´t use is the rev counter funktion.
I haven´t yet find out where to connect that cable because of the "direct ignition" (the coil sits directly on the spark plug) on this bike. A mail to Touratec would prapably sort that out.
And yes, the cam shaft is pretty radical as it is, but not difficult to drive in any way. Recommended if you like to try a hotter cam.
The reason why i am thinking of the motard cam is only because i dont know what else to do with the bike!!!
I am very happy with it as it is and that is good, but also a bit boring.
According to tests of the motard that i have been reading, it would still have a reasonable powerband after such a cam shange. In Sweden at least they are also fairly cheep, and my dealer have one!

Nice to have this forum i must say, lots of knowledge here.

Rallybikes are the perfect adventure touring bikes!
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