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Originally Posted by GODSPEED
Nope, that someone was not very educated on Ducati's. The valve CHECKS used to be every 3000 miles. They are now set for every 6000 miles; this is part of Ducati's new marketing. Unless they are ridden very hard, most bikes rarely need valve adjustments after the initial break-in.
Bought new '99 SS 900. Rev limiter tested regularly, meaning every Sunday morning & most days in between. Valve lash clearance first checked by pro race bike tuner at 12k+ miles; all clearances w/i spec. Not bad.

Fun in the cayons flying 'round kids on high-horsepower race replicas like they're in reverse; on the flats, approaching town, where older/smarter riders knew to slow down, the squids of course can not resist flying by...
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