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640 Adventure rear brake light switch

Upon attempting to get my updated NY State inspection sticker, it was brought to my attention that my rear brake pedal is no longer activating my rear brake light.

So, thinking this should be simple, I decided to poke around today.

I examined everything I have hi-lighted in the image above and found nothing out of the ordinary. Fuses are also all ok.

The one question I have is this: the line that runs from the switch up to the wiring harness, where exactly does that go? It seems to run forward under the tank, but then I lose it. (Did not remove the tank.)

I checked what I think is that switch where it connects with everything else near the battery but all connections seem fine.

The brake light functions perfectly fine when the front brakes are used, just not the back brake.

Anyone have any suggestions where I should be looking here?


-- Jason
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