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Originally Posted by kennyanc

If you like BBQ Rubys is very good. Some of the most tender pork I have ever eaten. They also have one of the best selections of beer on tap of any place in town (at the Haw Creek location).

We could also go to one of the great Mexican places in town. Papas & Beer is my favorite but it is kind of small. I will call and see if they think they can handle 15-20 on a Thursday night.

Tequila's is also great and they have a big room that would be great for us to meet.

Suggestions and comments????

Never been to Ruby's or Tequila's, but they sound like good choices. Papas and Beer is awesome good Mexican, and if they could handle us, that would be great too.

Like you said Kenny, getting together is the main thing, food secondary.

But good food does make it all more enjoyable!

Hey, anyone wanting to ride some good singletrack this Sunday, check out David's thread here:

Good stuff!
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