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Originally Posted by tennessee thumper
I just bought 2006 TE 450 with 20+ hours. Fork seals leaking a bit. Any tips on cleaning/repairing them to stop the leak. I planned on the initial ride Sunday but am worried about the leak and may not ride. Any comments with prior experience would be helpful...
Lots of opinions on how to go about that and what to use.

My method consists of dropping the dust seals, cleaning them and packing them with a medium body water-proof grease. The grease acts as a "crap catcher" before the actual seal.

While the dust seals are down, I'll take a new, clean white business card, insert the corner into the oil seal lip and give it a pass or two around the inner circumference of the seal, between seal and tube.

Why a clean white business card... you ask with giddy anticipation?

1. you can't damage the seal with paper. (OK... there's probably somebody out there that can damage a seal with a down feather)
2. every card has four useful, fresh, pointy corners that slide nicely between seal and tube.
3. you can see the crap you scrap out.
4. you can see when you've scrapped out all the crap... and how lazy you are because you're oil is so damn dirty.
5. business cards are cheap and the fit in your wallet real nice.

So... how's tricks?
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