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Originally Posted by JayBo1
I want to connect different model electrical equipment (switch blocks, start pushbutton, kill switch, indicator switch, etc from the EXC range) onto my 640 Adventure but the electrical connection blocks are different. Can you buy the electrical connector blocks that the KTM factory uses on the 640 Adventure as a kit for making up yourself?

I don't want to butcher the standard kit, as I want everything I take off put in a box for safe storage for when the bike retires to general adventure touring use in a couple of years. I would also rather not splice in second connector blocks into the main wiring loom to bypass the standard connectors.

An alternative for me would be to buy all the standard 640 Adventure bits from a "parted out" one and snip and solder here and there, but that seems like a PITA and possibly more expensive and potentially less reliable.
Have you pulled the front of the LC4 off and figured out what classes of connectors you need. The switch unit (turn, light etc) IIRC is standard molex and easy to find. Other stuff is harder. Example, I was able to find replacement pins for the stator connectors from K&L (had to find a dealer of theirs as they only sell in bags of 100), didn't check on the housing as I didn't need one. I doubt you need stator connectors howeber. For the 2 pin connectors and housing that are on the end of the front brake switch and the flasher unit (so they can plug into the factory loom), I had to get them from Sommer KTM in Germany as I couldn't find a retailer in the US (sent all the major distributors jpegs of the connector and they'd never seen anything like it).

You might be more lucky down-under as a lot of the control wiring is metric connectors, stuff that aparantly isn't common here in the US.

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