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Originally Posted by Tempo
Haven't wanted to ask KTM what they want for it... probably way too much!
KTM doesn't sell connectors. Only complete components with connectors already on. Sommer KTM in Germany has put in the effort to source connectors that are compatible but they did this themselves AFAIK.

Some stuff is Molex and easily obtainable. Other stuff isn't available in the US.

I've got a brilliant electronics shop in the area that I plan to visit as they have tons of connectors. But just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Who is this? If you say Norvac, I'm gonna laugh out loud. They used to be good. These days a pale immitation of what they once were. Also, I went there when I was looking for LC4 connectors. I doubt they ever had the KTM ones I had to order from Sommer. They didn't even have Molex unless I wanted a pack of 25. I sent JPEGS to DigiKey, Mouser etc etc and none had ever seen the connector style thats on the end of the flasher and front brake switch.
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