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Originally Posted by JayBo1
crazybrit: The front brake switch isn't an issue for me as I'll be installing an EXC master cylinder and front brake switch and it's a simple spade crimp lug connector into the main loom. (I suspect you guys must have a different front brake switch connection for US market though as even the standard 640A switch is spade crimp connector. Don't you guys have to have hydraulic pressure switch as opposed to our lever operated microswitch?).
Never seen the EXC brake switch but the issue (for me) was the connector on the SXC (LC4) wiring loom at the "front end" under the headlight. There is a metal plate where all the connectors snap into (on each side). I assume the 640Adv is the same.

The LC4 wiring harness side is a 2 pin connector holding 2 spade terminals but they are odd ones. 2.5mm metric IIRC and the housing is unusual also. Might be sourcable in OZ but not in the US.

I've no idea if the EXC switch has the same connector on the end as the LC4 one.

I got into it because I already had a botched DS wiring job on my SXC, hack and splice special, horrid. I cleaned it up using the factory add on wiring harness (for the signals etc) but I already had an aftermarket flasher and hydraulic front brake switch and the KTM flasher and brake microswitch with the correct connectors were like $50 each, no thanks.

Decided to use the existing switch and auto flasher so I needed the right connectors to attach to the ends which is where Sommer came in. Clearly someone makes them but as I said, couldn't find a US source.

My guess is the EXC uses the same connector and it'll just plug right into the connector on the LC4 harness.
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