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I have my little Honda for 14 years , no problems at all with fork oil seals .
Until few weeks , that i had to do an emergency braking , and the left one , started to leak badly .

I ordered new , oil seals and dust seals .

I have a second front system as spare , and i opened it up the boots , so to learn how it opens , so to not cause damage at my main front system .

The oil seal internally , is a sensitive part at the center , sticking parts in it , its a very hard task , especially if you have dust seals on top .
I do not know how it is actually possible , this method of cleaning , to work on my motorcycle .

Its the Showa boots , not compatible with this method ? , i do not know .

All that i know is , that my oil seals and dust seals , had become aged , and loosed their ability to operate.
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