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Originally Posted by Jim Rowley
It's nice patina. May I suggest coating the interior of the tank before repainting? It will seal the gas off.

Thanks for the thought Jim, but I did that. Used a phenol novolac 2-part epoxy tank sealer from Caswell. I wish that were the answer. The only thing I could figure is that some of the gas was trapped in the plastic by the sealer on the inside and the new paint on the outside. Between the two, the paint was the weaker. Tank works fine as a tank -- doesn't leak. I put a lot of hours into scraping/sanding that thing to bare plastic, plus several layers of "adhesion enhancer" primer for plastic auto bumpers followed by more layers of high-fill primer. The paint was $70/quart automotive urethane applied by a pro. The experience killed my ambition for doing it again. This winter I may get in line at the Boneyard for the next decent metal 1150 tank that shows up. Or . . . maybe I will get into stickers, or a wider version of the tank panniers like whitenuckle has on his. I just like to ride the thing. And I have to admit it gets a lot of looks. I like to imagine they are looks of envy because I have obvously been around the world on it. (not true!)
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