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One thing Zdog/Rob doesn't say here is that if you can rebuild your carburetor, you can alter the valving in your fork. It just isn't that hard or that complicated. If you ever changed fork seals you are experienced, if you haven't now is the time to learn.

Rob has published a midvalve shim stack(in other threads) that really works.
Shims and WP fork oil are available from MX Tech, they are friendly and the service is superb.

I will caution you to ask them fr the correct shims, it is easy to get confused.
You need a CHEAP micrometer (I bought one at Sears for $10) and the usual hand tools.

WP forks are really fun to work on, they are simple. The work is clean and you can do it in the living room but if you spill fork oil on a light will replace it.
Mine was shot anyway.

The rear shock is a different story and needs to go to the pro for a revalve and nitrogen.
Rob set mine up with a regular tire type air valve so I could rebuild it and air it up in the third world but it was never necessary(the air we breathe is 70% nitrogen).
The WP system is the best there is for toughness, you just have to massage it a little for peak performance.
The fork is worth the hassle. After it s done you forget about it.

BTW I talked to the WP factory engineers t the KTM festival in Budapest this fall.
They are good guys but they don't know anything about the Adventure and made the same wrong spring recommendation to me.

The spring issue is a frikkin mess.
KTM knows the answers but the information is locked up in their racing department and so far they refuse to talk with anyone about it.
How the pivot suspension works is also not understood by most of their factory engineers, it is not understood by any of the dealers I have run in to.

God knows how KTM raced the Dakar with 30-40 Kilos of extra fuel.
I tried at the Festival and I could not get it out of anybody or find anyone who knows the specifics.
This is really frustrating because they won, they know.
Somewhere there is a block in releasing the information.
This just doesn't make any sense since the new PD racer is so different.
But damned if I know what shock the 690 PD bike is using.
Or for that matter the 690 Supermoto.
Since it's in this country we will be able to get a look at the shock and spring and the pivot if it has one.

If anyone is near a dealer would you take a picture of the rear suspension on the Supermoto and post it.
I am going to start another thread asking for any information on and pictures of the new suspension.

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