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Preload won't work. He will end up with two inches of preload and the shock still won't give right numbers when it is fully loaded with gear and full of gas, and it will ride like a truck. It won't work right in the stutter bumps or as the Brit calls them...corrugations. It will be harsh, in the woops it will bottom and it will headshake in heavy gravel and sand.

What is the real pisser is that Touratech charges three thousand dollars to put WP suspension on the BMW 650 GS.
Since we already have the premium suspension really need to make it work right. It might be a little work and money but nothing compared to what the other brands require.

To have a suspension with the high quality of WP and that won the Paris Dakar race but won't work on a rough gravel road at 60mph/100km/hr does not make sense.

And to have WP provide incorrect information or stonewall us witholding information or just fail to take an interest in our problems is counterproductive and dangerous.

KTM does a great job for the racers but the adventure rider so far does not get the same level of support even though we must be a big part of their sales.
Can anyone explain that?
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