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I'm interested to see if you like the 6 or the 4 piston more... in my racing circle a few years ago we found we actually got better front brake power and feel from the 4 pot nissan on a friends CBR929 than I could get on my 6 pot GSXR1000 brakes..

The logic was along the lines that with equivalent hydraulic force you are spreading your pressure out 33 percent more on the GSXR1000 brakes so they in fact weren't as sensitive and didn't have as good a feel as the 929's. In fact some guys racing the big gixxer converted them over to 4 pots.

Both setups with steal lines, sintered brake pads etc. .. but I'm sure with the right hydraulic ratios of master cylinders to piston, etc the six could do better.

Mind you with these bikes we were talking about the difference between 2 fingered vs. 3 finger rolling stoppies at 80 mph

Rumor has it the real hot setup now is the 4 pot calipers with 4 individual pads. You get four bite surfaces instead of two, each pad has its own direct piston, and a gap to clean the dust between pistons

Anything's gotta be better than the block of wood my R90 has up front
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