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Originally Posted by mhaas
I put a R80gs master cylinder on the bar of my 76 R90/6. Braided hose properly blead and adjusted ATE caliper. The GS cylinder is the same size as the under tank unit. Lever requires major effort to get decent brake action. I think I gave up some mechanical advantige provided by the leverd cable to M/C on the under tank unit.
Do I need to push more or less flued volume to the caliper? Seems like sleeving down would work.
Any thoughts? Helpfull ones preferd.
You're correct, mhass. Sleeving the master cyl down to a smaller dia will increase the hydraulic pressure, and so, the "power" of your front brake.

It'll also cause the lever to feel a little less "wooden". ie: there should be a slight increase in lever travel over the effective range of brake function.

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