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My GSXR1000 brakes are the exact same as the 6 piston Haybusa's Tokico's. They were NOT as good as as my CBR race bike's 4 piston brakes were. My R1's brakes fell somewhere in between.

"More brake pad" doesn't mean squat if you don't have the proper hydraulic pressure and feel. If you go bigger on your brake pad without increasing your hydraulic leverage you have LESS braking power due to your psi being distributed over a larger surface area.

What are you guys doing for mastercylinder replacement to match the calipers?

I'm not trying to disagree with anyone here; I need a solution for my R90 and definitely look forward to your experience(s). I'm just mentioning that "bigger isn't always better" when it comes to brakes - which I found out the hard way spending a lot of money on galfer wave rotors, ceramic pads, different diameter lines, etc for a 6 piston system that never came up to par on the stock (+ steel lines) 4 system system on my other bike(s).

p.s. another thing I learned was that I warped my rotors faster with the 6 pistons than the 4 pistons. Dunno why but I'd guess it to do with a larger heat gain with all that contact area?

...that said.. my gixxer's brakes sure were pretty....

Here.. see if you can find the brakes in this photo of it

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