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There are two switched 12v circuits under the fairing, right? Just use one of them. You can find male Molex connectors for about $0.25 or less at a good electronics store (not Radio Shack). Crimp some wires and plug right in.

So far I've noted that readings are pretty steady given a constant RPM. Here's some very UN-scientific data after all of 5 hours in the saddle with the voltmeter going:
  • I see 14.0v - 14.1v on avg. with no accessories running at 4k+ RPM
  • When idling it drops under 14.0v but is still is more than 13.0v
  • Sometimes idling it goes below 13v (yet above 12.0v)
  • Heated grips on low take 0.3v - 0.4v off the top
  • Heated grips on high take 0.7v
  • GPS doesn't seem to draw much, if any, maybe 0.1v (?)
  • Sorry I can't remember what the high beam draws (0.3v?)
  • Haven't tried it with the heated vest yet
It's a worthy accessory. Tonight while I was idling in traffic (!!!) in the rain (!!!) I saw it dip below 12.0v so I shut off my grips.
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