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Bigger is better because you have 6 piston envy

Stock 2 piston Brembo = My wife's next husband gets my tools because I'm dead.
4 Piston Brembo = I can lead a normal life and perhaps enjoy a little adventure
6 Piston Tokico= I can press my luck ,possible ruin my retirement plans, enjoy adventure and my wife's next husband get my tools because I'm dead.
The choice is pretty clear.
I have enough parts to go to a dual caliper setup....don't make me do it.
Stop the madness
I didn't change my Master Cylinder. I bought a new one. I was leaving for a 3 or 4 day trip and mine started to leak bad. I was running DOT5 and switched back to DOT4. I like DOT 5 but there is a big difference in the feel of the brake lever and stopping. I think there is a 5-10 % increase in braking.A new MC arrived a few days faster than a kit. I haven't looked at MC /caliper ratio chart to see if I could spend anymore money on my brake tragedy. Has any one gone the 320mm rotor route? Can someone explain what could be expected in better braking? The brake upgrade was just hoot to do with all it's permutations. I enjoy doing the upgrades to my GS. Your GSXR came with incredible brakes, 300 to 400 % more hp, fuel injection and a real charging system...incremental increases are costly and underwhelming. My bike stops on a dime with 3 cents change, has great lights and handles like a finely tuned Greyhound bus...I am a happy crack whore.
If the R90 has dual calipers go the 4 piston Brembo route if you are trying to maintain a stock appearance. You will be pleased. I powdercoated my brembo (don't forget the clearcoat on the raised brembo letters) and it's just beautiful The Japanese caliper is just an excellent alternative. I want to point out that I weigh 230+ with gear.
Stock MC's can be bored out , SS sleave installed and I think bigger piston installed.It allows you to use stock switch gear. I think it's pricey $350+

When my bike stops good enough to warp the rotor...I'll wear a thong.

By the way her thumb is on the brakes..right?


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