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Nice pics Bill. I hate having to truck this bike. I'd much rather ride it, but sometimes it's just safer not to.

I got the Rekluse installed this weekend and after breaking it in I took it out for a few miles. I am very impressed so far. When riding on the street you barely know it's there. When the going gets slow and technical off road, it's great b/c you can concentrate on the task at hand and not worry about stalling.

Cyborg's thread was what got me thinking about one and his instructions are great.

The production units are pretty much the same as the one he shows so I'm not going to post more pic of the same thing. I did put the washer on and it looked safe, so maybe they did change the thickness on that, not 100% sure. Also I did not tip my bike on it's side, you can install this on it's side stand, and I left my skid plate on. It's a little tricky getting the balls and plate on, but nothing that would have made me wish I would have had my bike on it side. Either way it works, your choice.

In my kit I only got one set of balls, no option to put heavier tungsten balls in. Clutch engagement was great, very smooth and firm. Mine does creep a bit when it's in gear, I set mine up a little on the tight side for adjustment. You have to check the install gap w/ a feeler gauge. It says it's not suppose to go, but if it does there should be some drag on it. Well there was drag on it, but I thought I'd put the thicker one in, just to make sure the clutch was not slipping. Kind of worded odd, but anyways, you adjust this by putting different thickness steal drive plates in. Pretty simple really. I may try going back to the thinner and see how it feels, just to see what kind of difference it makes.

My biggest worry was that it would kick out and there would be no engine breaking. In fact the way it is setup right now it does not kick out until it get to about 1800-1500 rpm. I never get below that when riding on the road unless I'm stopping, so it's really not an issue. Off road going down hill it does tend to push a bit, b/c it's in first gear and and running at about 1,800 rpm. If you grab the brakes though it does not stall the bike out, just concentrate on the riding, not the clutch.

So far I give it 2 thumbs up.

As soon as I can post some pics, I'll show a new part I made over the weekend.
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