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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck
I made one out of a stud that had 25+mms of thread. I ground about a 45 degree blunt point in the threaded end to engage the recess in the crank web and a screwdriver slot in the other to torque it in. You could use a bolt as well but may have to remove the filter anytime you wanted to use it. Leave a little flat on the end, in other words dont grind it to a full point and be carefull not to torque it in too hard and distort the crank... You can shine a flashlight into the hole to see the slot in the crankweb at TDC to see what shape to make your point....

Just measuring up the KTM OEM locking screw and it has about 25mm of thread....

Good luck...
Thanks for that info. I found your post about this from last year but wasn't too sure.
Will take a photo of the mesh filter to see the debri from the cam.
There wasn't any sign of metal when removed the front spin on filter and drained the downtube.
Lots of fine-ish metal and very fine dust like metal around the two bottom magnetic drain plugs tho.
Haven't taken off the RH paper filter yet. Tomorrows job.

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