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Posted before but no thread index so can get lost in the XC threadfest.

1. Loose the snorkel box cover.

opens up a larger aperture as seen here.

2. Toss this rubbish out.

And stick one of these in instead, available in the States from BMW Atlanta, outside of the States from Unifilter in Oz.

3. No place to grab onto the back end of the bike, get a set of handles from bm that fit the xcountry, or make your own like these.

4. It never ends, ditch the stock tyres and get Dunlop D606 on the back and a Maxxis Maxcross IT for the front, I hear good things about the Bridgestone tyres as well.

5. Stock bash plate is about as usefull as a handbrake on a canoe and offers no protection to the water pump and starter motor. As the local Touratech did not have stock, what a suprise, I got an alternative, excellent quality at $110.00 US.

6. For added daylight visibility I made one of these from perspex. $4.28.

7. Remus rulz

That will teach the neighbour to shut the yapping porch shitter dog up.

The last pic also shows my pooratech tail piece mod, works like a bomb.
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