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I ordered the moto-sport panniers thinking that they would be as good as the Zega bags but have been pretty disappointed. I had TT bags for 20,000km on my previous bike.

First of all the cross over bar in the back has to get supported by the license plate bracket...which the bike doesn't come with.
The rear support cracked after being in the bike for a year and approx 5000km.
The cross over bar is not strong enough. If you tip over the bar cannot support the back half of the bike and it bends.

The mounting system has one bolt hole through the aluminum. When the bike vibrates, the hole enlarges.

The tack welded nut that the bag bolts to did not line up with the hole in the bag and snapped off.

This winter I intend to order the TT puck mounting kit and retro fit that to the moto sport rack and panniers.

Then I need to get that cross over bar re-engineered out of something stronger (I had already gussetted it when the weld failed). I need to staighten the right hand bag mount as well.

I emailed them twice looking to buy individual parts to replace the bent stuff but no response.

There are some good points to these bags. The liners and locks come with them...and...I can't think of anything else at the moment.
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