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Originally Posted by Pine Sol
my two cents....

this is just food for your thoughts, ideas to think about, i think this is what you are after, the price looks good.

Pelican Case 1430

these two site seemed to have a better selection, if the above is not what you were looking for.

All Cases

Hardigg Cases

if in doubt, try the link bellow and see what you can find.

Rotationally Molded Cases

i hope this has helped you.

Unfortunately the 1430 is small. Only about 15L, less than half the 1550. It's not much bigger than a toolbox and far too small for a serious journey, even with my minimalist standards.

Hardigg makes a number of cases that look equivalent to the Pelican side-loaders, maybe with a wider selection of sizes. They seem to be about the same price as the Pelicans. Unfortunately no top-loader

I'm pretty sure there are no moulded top-loading cases available suitable for panniers (well, other than the Gobi). I looked far and wide to no avail. The guy that makes the Caribou luggage did a lot of research (including trying to modify the 1440s) but also came up blank. Check this thread starting about here:

BTW I'm pretty sure it is possible to get the H-B Gobi mounted to a 640A. Going through the H-B catalogue it looks like they have a mount for our bikes (although it's hard to tell, nicht spreche Deutsch). Actually ordering one and getting it installed might be a challenge. The SW-Motech QuickLock mount has an adapter for the Gobi, which is probably the easiest solution for someone on this side of the pond. I would be worried about the total width of the rig. The Gobis are crazy wide by themselves, plus the rack, and unless they are careful with the adapter design it might push out the bags farther than necessary. Here's a pick of the back of one of the Gobi bags:

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