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Originally Posted by lhoriman
More pictures please! I've read nearly every luggage thread on advrider and I'm pretty certain this is the first picture of a 1440 on a bike. Seriously, this is a pretty big deal. I'm especially interested in a pic from the rear showing the width.

Did you cut off the ribs on the inside of the case to mate to the rack?

Here's a shot of the rear taken when I got home from a 1400mile 4 day BC Ride which included some nice offroad riding like the Harrison 4x4 trail

The width is comparable to my co-riders 950Adv with Jessies!

Yes, I used a dremel tool to remove rib material so that the mounting plate would fit flush but I don't feel the case integrety was compromised, fact of the matter is the case is soooo over designed that it would take much more than the relief of some ribs to compromise the case

On the top of the lids I used aluminum drawer pulls for tie down points. To increase the surface area where the drawer pull met the lid I used washers to distribute the load.

And then on the inside of the lid I used some aluminum plate.

All through points were sealed with silicon.
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