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Originally Posted by Max Kool
There are 4 inserts.

2 long ones (with a slight bend in the pipe)
2 shorter straight ones

One of each has a slightly shorter tailpiece that is sticking out. Those are to be used with the spark arrester.

The other two are the Euro inserts, the longer one is the legal insert, and the shorter one is the FIM loud insert.
The two short ones are into a bag, as well as a long one with no shorter tailpiece and the spark arrestor.

I see no spark arrestor through muffler´s hole so i assume it came with a long one with the shorter tailpiece, with no spark arrestor.

So i am mounting now de EURO insert. and bike´s behavior improved a lot ĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦ

Maxkool, do you think it is worth to try the FIM short one??????
did you try it??? How did you feel it???
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