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Wake up you sleepyheads!

It's time to leave El Paso and cruise through New Mexico to Arizona! We have to be in Nogales by five PM, and we want to stop in Tombstone and see a pal in Sierra Vista...

I bundle up out of Fort Bliss, and hit the morning rush hour traffic in El Paso.

Oh. My. Lord. It was ccccooooollld

Gear Tip:

Buy you one of these:

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to put this on and turn the controller up to NUCLEAR POWER

Given a choice, I would rather than any day. That's why I moved to San Antonio!

Listen to Tio Roberto on this one, the best investment you can make in clothing, because even in the off position, it acts like a windbreaker vest.

As soon as the heat kicked in, and the IPOD was cranking, it was all the way through New Mexico!

I entered Arizona and hit Benson, where I turned south on 80 to Tombstone.

The silver mining boomtown of Tombstone Arizona:

Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp, along with Doc Holiday (all were wounded), fought in the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral here in 1881 over issues with the Oriental Saloon with the Clanton and McLaury boys. Or something like that, a really drunk person from the saloon gave me the rundown. I think he was one of the decendents of the Clanton gang.

These days, its all tourists.

Left out of Tombstone, and made a quick detour in Sierra Vista

To visit my buddy Stu and his wife Ann. Stu is working for the Army as a civilian at Fort Huachuca.

After a quick visit, it was time to blast to Nogales for the meeting.

I cruise through Patagonia:

And into Nogales, following the GPS with a waypoint to the hotel. I cruise right into the parking lot with no problem and find this guy:

Alejo is already doing his Motodiscovery job of greeting everybody and taking care of the details.

Pretty soon, the lovely Celeste, manager of the place, makes an appearance. I told her I just had to have a picture of her with my helmet and my bike.

Celeste could be a model for BMW or Shoei

Pretty soon, its time for the five o'clock meeting, dinner, and preparations to get underway on Tuesday morning for Mexico.

Bruce is the other guia

Alejo is initally the van/trailer guy, but since he will be riding, he makes sure his compression suit is in order:

Its time for the meeting and dinner. Mexico can't come soon enough.
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