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After eating too much on Thursday, and laying around Friday digesting, I spent most of the day Saturday in the shop. It ain't too warm; with my undersized pellet stove the temperature peaked at 40.

I went to work on the exhuast. I started with two of these ($30 in mandrel-bent tubing):

And this (an old tractor stack): Ugly, huh?

I spent a long time on the wye pipe, making sure it flowed reasonably well. There's a short baffle inside where the two come together to make it flow a bit better.

Many many back and forth trips from the bike to the vise to eyeball the whole assembly, tack weld, recheck, etc.

Sorry, not many construction pics (I get in the zone). Eventually I come up with this:

The muffler currently has a piece of hardware cloth rolled up in the middle, wrapped in stylish pink fiberglass insulation. I suspect the fiberglass may not last, but the end is removable so I can continue to play with the muffler inards. It doesn't sound too bad - throaty, maybe a bit loud. It's hard to tell inside the shop.

It fits on the side of the bike, misses the paniers, kick-start and suspension, and is only slightly ugly. Once I build a muffler support, I'll tear the bike down to the frame. I hope it warms up a bit...
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