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Originally Posted by beechum1
the response i was looking for was:

"not much" hahahahaha

In all seriousness, in the 4 trips over the last year, I personally have not been involved, nor witnessed, much in the way of erratic driving or bad behavior.

I did make mention earlier in this thread of "Canada Dave II" who got rocked in Durango by a drunk driver. And I will tell that story, when this thread gets to the Creel part, because that's where I met him.

On all of the autopistas, highways, cities, towns etc. over the past trips, not once have I seen someone blow a red light, stop sign, or, really, do much erratic driving on any of the highways.

I have found drivers in Mexico to be pleasant, helpful, and pretty much a docile crowd.

Its when I get back to the U.S. that I palpably feel the hostility, lane crushing, cutting off, and distracted driving that sends chills down your spine and makes entries in Face Plant.

Also, what I have seen more than not, are Americans on their bikes suddenly feeling a freedom in Mexico, noting the relative lack of law enforcement, and who start screaming around the country at 90, 100 and more miles an hour. At times, I've found myself guilty of fast speeds when out in remote country and I've felt bad about it in the sense that I found myself to be the only real threat to others and myself. Notwithstanding the fact that the faster I've gone on the highway, the less I've seen of the country. I've done less and less of that each trip, and I plan to totally take it easy in the future.

There are certain ways of the road there, such as the larger vehicle usually takes the right of way even if the smaller vehicle is "entitled" to it. But that's the way it is. In mountain passes, you may find trucks and cars in your lane as your round a curve. They post signs to this effect sometimes, sometimes not. But it is the way it is, and it isn't so much crazy driving as a way of driving that you get used to. You add it to your defensive driving tool box. Jammin got squeazed to the curb in such a scenerio.

I'm not saying that crazy driving doesn't go on in Mexico.

I am saying I haven't seen too much of it at all in the extensive miles I have put in there recently.

I am saying I've done more myself than I have seen in others. In this case, not reckless driving, just blasting up to speed out in open stretches of countryside.

I am thinking that there are probably people reading these threads who are thinking of going to Mexico and who think (like many impressions of a place someone has not been to) that it is indeed a land of "me first" drivers.

And the bottom line I offer is that my own sense is that we are much more goofed up here in the 'Ole USA than they are south of the border.

And by the way, with regards to speed, there are more and more Dodge Charger type police cars with radar being deployed. Times may change before too long....

This is my opinion, your experience may vary.

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