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This is Magdalena de Quino; the town that Bob skipped. Magdalena de Quino is usually our first stop for a quick lunch after a very early morning and a border crossing. The significance of this stop is to start getting acclimated to the "Mexican Time"; to start getting used to that we are not in our usual Iron Butt mode but to start taking in the landscape, the people, and the places.

Landscape ... this is what it looks like for most of the way from Nogales. Those hills that you see are actually the westmost side of the Sierra Tarahumara

Arriving to town

The town centre.

Wonderful Cast Iron Benches at the Plaza

Folk Art

Which actually depicts "Padre Quino"; the founder of the Missions along the Pacific Coast.

Padre Quino is actually buried here

And this are his remains, which are object of reverence and worship by the faithful. I could go on and on on why would they have someone's remains visible like that; but take my word for it and settle for Pre-Hispanic influence as an answer.

A few mandatory church shots.


... some more. Name this saint for a beer in .................... Batopilas

Main Altar

I am sorry that Bob missed this particular town, since I hold it very dear to me. The cobblestones around downtown are probably a good 200 years old, and there is an atmosphere of unhurried busyness. It is an active little town, yet most people pace themselves as they have done for the last 400 years. Quite a refreshing feeling after stressing on the first miles across the border.

Lunch? ... nah! .... I had one of this.

... and watched some of this guys play around.

Regardless, I was not really worried about Bob since he had all my GPS points and a map of Mexico with him, the name, phonenumbers, and addresses of all the hotels for the duration of the trip. Secondly, he is very comfortable riding around Mexico since Bob is well on his way to become bilingual, and thirdly ... if he felt that he was truly lost he could have called me on my cellphone from anywhere in Mexico, or simply pull over a Pemex (state owned oil company, which operates all gas stations) and just wait for the rest.

As a tour participant, he only needs to follow the route and he is not mandated to be either ahead nor behind the tour leader. In trade, he has to make sure that the support vehicle is always behind him at some point. Not that difficult to do, right Bob?

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