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Originally Posted by GazzaFish
Of course Bacon didnt believe we knew where we were going so he had to check it out...

He was happy we werent lost.

I can't friggen wait! I can't friggen believe I'm gonna be able to spend the next year or so watching a pig puppet go around the world! I can't believe I'm so friggen excited about it! Friggen, yay!

So, just "north"? Does prestonpaul have a plan? What time is he going to have Miss Bacon in his tent by at night? ANd what the HELL is he doing taking her into the Outback on a motorcycle and sleeping with her in a tent! IF it's sleeping at all. Harumph!

Holy Moly, I'm going to spend the next year worried sick about a pink pig puppet!

I begin to fear for my sanity.
"Origin is right here, right now," said Klay. GTomic replied, "Many myth the point."
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